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Root Beer Starter Kit
Basic Equipment Instructions

These are the basic equipment instructions included with our BHRB2 Root Beer Starter Kit.
Click Here for a printable Adobe .pdf file of these insructions.

Each Individual Soda Extract also includes the extract manufactures instruction for using their product.  I am currently trying to obtain electronic copies of our extract manufacturers instruction sheets.  When they are put together, they will be posted here also.  Until that time we will be happy to mail a photo copy of these instructions to any Brew Horizons customer.


Thank you for purchasing a Brew Horizons Deluxe Root Beer Starter Kit.

Your entire family will enjoy making and drinking your own homemade root beer and soda pop.  Brew Horizons stocks 10 different varieties of Homebrew brand extracts.   Try them all or mix them to create your own unique blends.

Your kit contains:

            - 2.0 gallon Mixing/Bottling Bucket with Spigot

            - 4 feet of 3/8” FDA Approved Food-Grade Tubing

            - Multi-Function Spring Bottle Filler

            - 4oz bottle Homebrew Root Beer Extract w/ instructions for 1 to 4 gallons

            - 1 packet of Wine Yeast

            - 8 PET Amber Plastic Bottles, 0.5 liter

            - 8 Tamper-Evident Disposable Screw Caps, 28mm

`           - 2 packets of C-Brite Sanitizer

You will also need:

            - Water – Any water you enjoy drinking is suitable

            - 2 cups of Table Sugar (per gallon of Root Beer)

            - 1 tablespoon Measuring Spoon

            - 1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon Measuring Spoon

- A shallow tray or pan is helpful.  Place the bottles in it when filling to catch any drips or accidental over-flow.

The basic recipe for your soda pop will be included with the package of extract.  The following information will guide you through the set-up and use of the equipment in this starter kit

Assemble your Bottling Bucket by attaching the spigot.  There should be 1 rubber gasket and a retaining nut on the threaded side of the spigot.  Simply remove the nut and pass the threads through the 1” hole, pre-drilled in your bucket.  The gasket should be on the outside of the bucket.  Replace the retaining nut from the inside of the bucket.  Tighten the nut by hand. 

To achieve consistent results all items that will come in contact with your root beer must be properly cleaned and sanitized.  Airborne / food-borne bacteria and wild yeast will produce off-flavors and may result in extreme over-carbonation.  Rinse the clean Bottling Bucket with C-Brite Sanitizer.  Run some of the sanitizer through the Spigot and Bottle Filler, as well as, each bottle to be filled with the proper number of caps.  C-Brite is an FDA Approved No-rinse Sanitizer.  To be used this way it must be mixed according to the instructions on the packet and allowed to dry completely.  To save time, we recommend rinsing with clean water so that there is no need to allow items to dry.  C-Brite that is used to sanitize clean items can be saved and used to clean everything once bottling is complete. 

The straight clear plastic tube, with a spring valve on the end, is your bottle filler.  Attach the filler to one end of the tubing.  The other end of the tubing is attached to the spigot on the Bottling Bucket.  With this set-up the Bottling Bucket can be placed on a counter-top and the bottles filled on the floor.  This is especially convenient when filling a large number of bottles.  When making 1 gallon at a time, and filling only the 8 bottles, I personally find it easier to lift each bottle to the filler.  To do this, cut a short 3” section from your tubing and use it to attach the bottle filler close to the spigot.  There is enough tubing to spare the 3 inches.  Try both methods and see which you prefer.

To achieve consistent results the yeast must be evenly distributed throughout the entire batch and maintained at an acceptable temperature range.  Dissolve the yeast in approx. 8 oz of water that is just warm to the touch.  Hot water can kill your yeast.  The sugar and Soda Extract can be mixed in hot water, but use as little as possible so that the entire mixture can be cooled to about 100F before the yeast is added.  Stir the yeast to make sure it hasn’t settled and add to the rest of the batch.  Stir the entire batch to ensure uniform distribution of the yeast throughout the mixture.  Bottle immediately.  The yeast may begin to settle if allowed to stand too long.

Homebrew brand soda extracts come with enough flavoring to make 4 gallons.  Instructions are included for making 1 to 4 gallons.  1 gallon will make about 8 - ½ liter bottles.  We recommend 1 full gallon of water (per gallon being made) PLUS the 8 ounces used to hydrate the yeast.  This extra 8oz will help you get 8 full bottles per gallon, since it is impossible to get every last drop out of the bottling bucket.  An extra person can be helpful, to hold the Bottling Bucket at an angle, when filling the last two bottles.

All items should be cleaned thoroughly, with hot water and C-Brite, after each use.  Avoid using dish soap on plastic items as it may leave a residue if not rinsed very thoroughly.

Once the bottled soda has aged at room temperature (65 to 75F), according to the instructions, and achieved the desired level of carbonation, refrigerate ALL bottles.  This will prevent the carbonation level from continuing to increase beyond the desired level.  This may take 7 – 10 days depending on yeast variety and temperature.  While many suggest using Champagne Yeast, Brew Horizons recommends Red Star Cote des Blanc or Beer (Ale) yeast.  These yeasts are much less tolerant to cold and are less likely to over-carbonate in the refrigerator. 

We suggest that you do not make more than you can fit in your refrigerator.  The bottles should be chilled upright.  A small deposit of yeast will settle at the bottom of each bottle.  Gently pouring the soda into a glass, when serving, will allow you to leave this sediment behind.  The yeast is perfectly safe to consume.  However, many do not find it visually appealing in their finished product.

If sediment is rinsed from the bottles immediately, they should be rather easy to clean.  Clean, undamaged bottles can be reused.  The tamper-evident caps are designed for a single use however, many have found they do reseal properly more than one time. 

Replacement items and Soda Extracts are available in our eBay Store at http://stores.ebay.com/Brew-Horizons or at one of our Rhode Island Walk-In locations.

Enjoy your homemade Root Beer!

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