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Malt Extract

Malt Syrup

Munton's Plain Light - 3.3 lb can
Selected English Lager Malt is used to produce this fine consistent light malt extract.  Use varying amounts, combined with specialty grains and hops, to make virtually any type of beer.  Our best selling base malt extract.  Color 3.5 - 5 SRM

Munton's Wheat - 3.3 lb can
English wheat malt and barley malt are blended in the ratio 55% wheat malt and 45% barley malt to produce this fine product. Use in recipes for wheat beer or as an interesting variation to other beer styles. Color <4 SRM

Alexander's Pale Malt - 4 lb Can
Made with 100% American malted barley.  A great base malt for all of your recipes and especially popular for brewing lighter styles.  The lightest malt extract available.  Color 2.2 SRM

Alexander's Pale Malt Kicker- 1.4 lb Can
Made with 100% American malted barley.  This unique size can allows you a greater degree of control when developing your favorite recipe.  Color 2.2 SRM

Alexander's Wheat Malt - 4 lb Can
Made with 100% American malted wheat and barley.  60% Wheat and 40% Barley.  Color 4.2 SRM

Coopers Plain Light - 3.3 lb can
Authentic Australian Malt Extract.  Grab a couple of these, along with some Pride of Ringwood hops, and your on your way to a great Australian Lager. Color 3 - 4 SRM

Mountmellick Plain Dark Malt - 4 lb can
This Irish Malt Extract is just what you need when you want a rich, black color without reliance on specialty grains.


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