The Brotherhood of the Cornbread

Superbowl Bash



The Rosters

"Super Bowl-2" (aka. XXXIX) & penalty flag.

Sean & The Magic Corn Bread

Carl & Charlie watch Pres. Bill on Pre Game


Walt brings more beer

The Sacrifice
Philly Cream Cheese, an Eagle Feather and a can of Chunky Soup

Lee takes a practice swing

Lee makes the sacrifice.  The  crowd looks on. (The camera lens took a direct hit)

Tsunami Chili. (with Meatloaf Men)

Charlie gets the fire going.

Banjo insists on an element of danger

Doggy works the Eagles roster, Doggy Style!!


Good Play!

Chuck tries to scare his wife away from the party.

Sean helps the refs make the First Down call.

Steve keeps a stock of Cornbread close at hand.

Bongo being Banjo. (aka. Banjo being Banjo

Half-time break

Erik give the fire a drink of rum.

Jackie enjoys Chris & Chucks half-time show.


Chuck parties on!

Banjo works on the fire.

Steve makes a beer commercial.

Erik waits for the Pats to put it away.  The fire rages on.

Game winds down.  The Majic Corn Bread is working.

We Win!!

We celebrate!! (with snow angels then pass out)

Tom gets a trophy.  (looks familiar)

Post game Kami (by Lee)

Celebrating by the fire.

Victory Cigars.

Victory Dance?

Fire gets out of hand.

Bob tries to control the fire. (with a sledge hammer??)

Carl enjoys the game highlights.

Game highlights?

The Super Bowl-1(aka.38) with left over corn bread.  Pats shot glass with Kami residue.  The Super Bowl-2 (aka. 39) with other residue.

Super Bowl-2 retires to the Barrio.


Bob's Super Bowl XXXIX Poem

Bruce's Super Bowl XXXIX Poem

Super Bowl XXXVIII

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