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TRUE BREW Maestro Beer Starter Kit

This boxed homebrew starter kit makes the perfect gift. It contains all of the hardware necessary for brewing 5-gallon batches of beer. You provide ingredients, 50-12oz bottles & the water. 

Perfect for making any TRUE BREW Ingredient Kit or any of your own 5-gallon recipes.


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True Brew Maestro Series Equipment Kit 

11 lbs


6.5 gallon Fermenter w/lid
6.5 gallon Bottling Bucket w/spigot
Double-Lever Capper
Fermometerô (adhesive fermentation thermometer)
True Brew Rack & Fill kit, which includes:
     5' x 5/16" Siphon Tubing
     Fermtech Springless Bottle Filler
     24" Siphon Stem w/ Racking Tip
     Tubing Clamp
     Siphon Stem Holder
Bottle Brush
C-Brite Sanitizing Cleanser
True Brew Handbook


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