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American Pale Ale

Beer Ingredient Kit

New for May 2014

Our American Pale Ale is reminiscent of the
standard bearer for this style, Sierra Nevada
Pale Ale.  We’ve selected all Citra hops for
their absolutely amazing flavor & aroma.
This medium bodied beer is a touch less
assertive than an IPA, making it a great
warm weather alternative.

This kit contains:

2 - 3.3 lb. Briess Golden Light Syrup
         plain malt extract
      12 oz. Carahell Malt (crushed)
   1 oz.  Citra hops for bittering
      1 oz.  Citra hops for flavor
      1 oz.  Citra hops for aroma
   1 pack DCL Safale US-05 ale yeast
   3/4 cup Corn Sugar for priming
   50 - Bottle Caps, oxygen absorbing
      1 boil bag for grain

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