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Your entire family will enjoy making and drinking your own homemade root beer and soda pop.  Brew Horizons stocks 10 different varieties of Homebrew brand extracts.   Try them all or mix them to create your own unique blends. 

Just add table sugar and water to these kits, and you are ready to make great tasting root beer at home.



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Deluxe Root Beer Starter Kit

3 lbs $32.95









This kit is perfect for making one gallon at a time, the most popular batch size.  The 2.0 gallon bucket allows plenty of room for mixing a full gallon plus of your favorite soda.  Includes enough bottles for the entire gallon and enough soda pop extract & yeast for 4 - 1 gallon batches.


Kit Includes:

- 2.0 gallon Bottling Bucket with Spigot

- 4 feet of 3/8 FDA Approved Food-Grade Tubing

- Multi-Function Spring Bottle Filler

- 4oz bottle Homebrew Root Beer Extract

- 1 packet of Wine Yeast

- 8 PET Amber Plastic Bottles, 0.5 liter (16.9oz)

- 8 Tamper-Evident Disposable Screw Caps, 28mm

- 2 packets of C-Brite Sanitizer

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Additional Soda Extracts:

Rainbow Flavors
HOMEBREW Brand Soda Pop Base

Choose from:  Root Beer, Sarsaparilla, Birch Root Beer, Ginger., Cream Soda, Raspberry, Orange, Cherry, Spruce, & Cola





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