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Brew Horizons Wine Starter Kit

Attractively boxed for easy gift giving, this kit includes all of the equipment that you will need to make 6 gallons of outstanding wine.  You provideingredients, 30 standard wine bottles & the water.  Choose from our large selection of Ingredient kits for your first batch.


Brew Horizons 6 gallon Wine Equipment Kit 

25 lbs


7.8 gallon Primary Fermenter w/lid & drilled for spigot
6 gallon Glass Carboy (secondary fermenter)
Carboy Brush
Stirring Paddle
3-pc Fermentation/Air lock
Drilled Rubber Stopper (to attach airlock to carboy)
Bottle Filler (15" x 1/2"dia.)
Curved Siphon Stem (26" x 1/2"dia.)
5' Siphon Tubing
Fast-Flow Spigot (for primary fermenter)
Wine Bottle Brush
Gilda - Three Lever Corker
30 Wine Corks (#8 x 1 1/2")
10" Plastic HydrometerTest Jar
™   Stick-On Fermenter Thermometer
C-Brite Sanitizer
Enjoy Home Winemaking, 32page introductory book.


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(Ingredient Kit not included)




What Else Will I Need?

Ingredients – Brew Horizons offers a complete line of grape juice concentrates.  These wine kits have been adjusted to the proper sugar content and acid balanced to consistently produce outstanding wine.  Want to make up some of your own recipes?  Pick up a copy of the Winemaker’s Recipe Handbook for some great ideas.
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Bottles – Our six-gallon kits will yield approximately 30 standard (750ml) bottles of wine.  We have brand new wine bottles available, in several styles and colors.  Many of our customers save bottles from their store-bought wines and collect them from friends, avoiding the purchase of new bottles altogether.

Water – Most of our six-gallon (23 liter) kits provide about 7 liters of grape juice concentrate.  Once you add the concentrate to your primary fermenter you will then need to add enough water to bring the volume to a full six gallons.  Any water you enjoy drinking will be fine.

How Long Does It Take?

Most of our wine kits can be ready to bottle in as little as four weeks.  However, many of our customers find that a little additional time for settling helps a great deal.  While you are waiting for your wine to ferment and settle out, it will need very little attention.  It will require at least one transfer from your primary to secondary fermenter and some stirring, at least once, to help remove any CO2 bubbles left in the wine from fermentation.  At the end you will need to set aside a couple of hours for bottling and clean up.  This is all a relatively simple process that will yield outstanding wine that you will want to share with your family and friends.

Is It Expensive?

NO, Not at all!  We like to point this out to our customers:  If you buy a Brew Horizons Wine Starter Kit, a Vino del Vida Wine Kit, and brand new wine bottles, make wine one time and throw everything away, you will have spent less than $8 per bottle for great wine.  Of course, as you probably guessed, the idea is to keep the equipment and use it over and over again.  The prices of the ingredient kits alone typically range from $2.00 to $4.00 per bottle.


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